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Sarasota Antique and Personal Property Liquidation/Estate Sales ; Antique and Personal Property Appraisals and Services

McMillen & Co. has been in business in Sarasota and the Florida west coast since 1985 and we conduct business in the liquidation and appraisals of personal property.We are the oldest Sarasota Estate Liquidation and Sarasota Estate Personal Property Appraisals and Services firm. We conduct Sarasota Estate, Antique, and Personal Property appraisals and services for insurance estimations, Including  IRS - 706 Estate Personal Property Appraisals, Charitable Donation, and  Estate appraisals for fair market values in Sarasota and Surrounding areas.  Our clients are trust officers with local banks, probate attorneys, insurance companies, and the general public, We have performed hundreds of Sarasota Liquidation Sales, Sarasota Estate SalesPersonal Property Appraisals, and Antique Appraisals as well as Liquidation Sales, Estate Sales, Personal Property Appraisals and Antique Appraisals in the surrounding West Coast areas as well.

We will gladly provide you with a list of qualified references upon request.